Couture Bridal Wear


Come and share with us any and all of your ideas that you may have for your wedding dress. Don't worry if you are not yet sure as during the initial consultation Melanie would be pleased to work through designs with you and sketch them out.

From the sketch you will have a better picture of your creation and advice can be given on the most suitable fabrics to use. After which you may go away to think it through without any obligation.


Once you are happy and want to proceed with your order after agreeing on the fabrics and price, your measurements will be taken and a 'toile' will be made.


The toile is a trial version of your garment that allows us to achieve a perfect fit and see the design. Usually this is made from calico fabric before any expensive fabrics are cut.


After the toile is made, we will contact you to arrange a first fitting. During this meeting we will perfect the fit and look again at the design where changes can be made if necessary.


Once the toile is perfected, we are able to create your dress using the beautiful fabrics you have chosen from the wide range available to us.


The next fitting is the most exciting! You get to try your dress on for the first time, see how it looks with your chosen accessories, veil and shoes and any fine adjustments can be made.

When you are completely happy, your dress will be finished and pressed ready for your special day.


Special Occasion Wear

As well as the brides dress, we are able to offer a made-to-measure design service for bridesmaids, mother of the bride, groom's waistcoats, cravats, prom, evening and Holy Communion wear.












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